For our staff, working at Calvert Reconnections is a vocation

Everyone takes great pride in what we do and the differences we can make to peoples’ lives.

Whether it’s our office staff who help you through the enquiry and booking process, the Clinical Lead and instructors who deliver this grand-breaking rehabilitation programme  – everyone works together to ensure Calvert Reconnections  is everything you need it to be!

Many of our staff have been here for a number of years and unlike most outdoor activities centres, the majority are permanent and full time rather than seasonal.   This constancy is especially important for our instructors, who in addition to having relevant qualifications for activities, need a range of soft skills to help mentor and encourage our guests to fully realise their abilities – skills that are greatly enhanced by experience gained over a number of years.

Our Expert Advisors

We have been fortunate that since we began our Calvert Reconnections journey, we’ve had the support, expertise and guidance of a panel of experts. Each are leading light in their particular areas and without their unfailing enthusiasm, insight and inspiration, we would not be where we are now with this exciting project.