Calvert Reconnections

Creating pathways back into everyday life

Every year hundreds of thousands of people suffer life-changing brain injuries. They face a long and difficult road to recovery, often with limited support.

The Lake District Calvert Trust has challenged disability through outdoor adventure for over 40 years. Now, working with leading clinicians and academics, they are offering a ground-breaking, world-class rehabilitation programme tailored to support individuals in their recovery.

Lead by a multi-disciplinary team, this six-month course will transform lives – offering motivation, developing life skills, providing vocational activity and encouraging outdoor adventure.

Ultimately, Calvert Reconnections offers participants tangible results and real pathways back into everyday life.

In 2016 our ‘Go Herdwick’ project helped raise initial funding for this project, to develop the Old Windebrowe farmhouse and tithe barn near Keswick into a new specialist rehabilitation centre.

What is the programme?

Working with leading clinicians and academics, LDCT is developing a new approach to brain injury rehabilitation. This will focus on ‘learning through doing’ in the outdoors, supported by a multi-disciplinary team in a purpose-built residential centre. It will marry the latest thinking in neurology with LDCT’s expertise in accessible, life-changing outdoor challenges. This innovative Rehabilitation Centre will help people with ABI reach their full potential for recovery, not only improving their physical and psychological well-being, but also increasing their self-confidence and independence.

Three reasons we're different

Physical exercise

reinforces the adaptive processes of the brain post injury: helping thebrain ‘scaffold’ to compensate for damage. It also improves people’s mental health, outlookand wellbeing

Outdoor Activities

have been demonstrated to improve people’s understanding of themselves and their abilities, post brain injury, with long-lasting benefits

Group work

and a social environment have also been identified as key factors in recovery after an ABI.

Currently there are no facilities available in the UK

to comprehensively address this critical formula following the initial, post injury rehabilitation.

LDCT is committed to providing tailored care to each participant through a three tier programme of rehabilitation support to meet a range of needs:

  1. Long term residential rehabilitation
  2. Specialist short courses (5 day or weekend), and
  3. Day-centre provision in partnership with other charities to offer non-residential support in the local community.

The new Calvert Reconnections centre will be based at one of LDCT’s existing properties, Old Windebrowe in Keswick. Refurbishment of the building started in early February and is due for completion during the summer, with doors opening towards the end of 2019.

A typical day at Calvert Reconnections

Example Programme