BABICM’s new research initiative

BABICM has launched a new research initiative investigating the experiences of case managers and clients during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The research will gather personal accounts of people living with brain injuries and their support networks during the pandemic, from lockdown to the present day, reflecting on how people have changed and adapted during that time.  It will also assess how case managers and clients alike found the availability of support and access to services during the past few months, and how challenges were responded to and overcome.

Focus groups and interviews will be held as a forum for stories to be shared, and the findings will be collated to help form research into the challenges and responses to the Covid-19 by the case management community.

The project will comprise three phases – case manager focus groups; interviews between case managers and clients; and interviews between researchers and clients.

Earlier this year, Calvert Reconnections asked brain injury case managers for their views on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

91% of case managers said that brain injury rehabilitation post Covid-19 is going to be more reliant on the private and charitable sectors due to stretched NHS resources, while 86% anticipate an increase in the use of outdoor activities in rehabilitation plans for brain injured patients.  89% expect the UK to face a “tidal wave” of brain injury rehabilitation need.  We have provided our findings to BABICM and fully support this latest research initiative.