New study links brain complications to Covid-19

The study, published in the journal Lancet Psychiatry, focused on patients treated in UK hospitals during the exponential phase of the Covid-19 pandemic in April. Specialist doctors were asked to report clinical details of Covid-19 patients, who were experiencing a range of neurological and psychiatric complications that were potentially linked to the disease.

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Removing barriers to the great outdoors

Removing barriers to the great outdoors The benefits to our physical and mental wellbeing through spending time and exercising in the outdoors, have started to become more widely recognised by both academic research and the general public. People appear to have become...

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Transitioning on from Calvert Reconnections

Transitioning on from Calvert Reconnections One of the areas we feel is essential for a successful service and to ensure good outcomes for clients is the transition process on from Calvert Reconnections. If this is done well, clients will feel supported throughout the...

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